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Sweetwater Organic Coffee

I confess, I love coffee more than almost anything else. If I had to give up food and drink only coffee for a year, I wouldn’t hesitate. Well, maybe cheese would be hard to give up.

It’s not just coffee. I mean, I love chocolate covered espresso beans too, but it’s not the same thing. Coffee is also about the morning ritual of easing into the day. Filling up the kettle and starting the water on the stove. Pulling out the grinder and the beans, and pouring just the right amount into the hopper. The buzz of the burr grinder converting the oily dark ovals into rough grounds. Scooping the grounds into the French press and eventually topping it up with steaming water. The foam of coffee bean oils on top. The long-anticipated moment when you press the plunger and the coffee is ready. All leading towards that first sip and the day is carefully launched off the dock and into the current of life.

Don’t waste a lot of time in the coffee aisle and specialty boutiques trying to find the best coffee out there. Coffee is like wine. Drink what you like. Have fun exploring and experiencing different brands, different roasts, different sources. You might find similarities in the different coffees you enjoy. You might notice you like a specific roast, or a blend of origins.

We try coffees now and again when we stumble across something new. But we always have one thing in stock in the house. You absolutely have to check out the Sweetwater Organic Coffee company. We adore the single source Ethiopians, either Sidamo or Yirgacheffe. But they have some lovely blends and other single source options, as well as espressos, half-cafs, and decafs.

On top of the deliciousness of the coffee, it’s also fair trade, organic, and roasted right here in Gainesville. You can find it at a lot of locally owned businesses that stock fair trade, or organic, or local products; and others shops that just like the coffee. We usually find ours at Ward’s, Alternatives, or Book Gallery West. And note to you brunchers out there, a few local restaurants offer it on their menus, so keep your eyes peeled.

Sweetwater Organic Coffee
Ph: 352-372-8342


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